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An eclectic group of orchid enthusiasts invite you to explore and share your love of this expansive family of flowering plants.

The Orchid Society
The Orchid Society

About Us

Central Illinois Orchid Society was founded in 1958. We are a diverse group of people interested in growing and/or enjoying orchids. We welcome anyone to attend our meetings and events, whether you have never grown an orchid or you are an experienced grower.

Our mission is to:

  • 1. Exchange orchid-related information among orchid hobbyists;
  • 2. Provide a forum for disseminating orchid-growing information through educational programs offered to our members and the public;
  • 3. Support local and global orchid conservation efforts;
  • 4. Enjoy the fellowship of others who share a fascination with orchids.
The Orchid Society
The Orchid Society
The Orchid Society

Upcoming Events

Our next meeting is Monday, May 10th at 6:30 P.M. via Zoom. Members will receive the Zoom link by email. Nonmembers can request the link by clicking on Contact Us.

Our featured speaker is Dr. Lawrence Zettler, Professor of Biology at Illinois College (Jacksonville), who will discuss Orchid Conservation. Under Dr. Zettler’s direction, Illinois College is a leader in orchid conservation efforts worldwide. The Mission of the Orchid Recovery Program at Illinois College is to integrate undergraduate student learning with the conservation of the world’s rarest orchids. Illinois College students conduct field research on projects such as:

  • Monitoring populations of rare Ghost Orchids in south Florida and Cuba; 
  • Seed germination trials for two U.S. Federally listed orchids;
  • Recovery of mycorrhizal fungi from the U.S. Federally threatened Eastern Prairie Fringed Orchid; 
  • Lab and field-based research in the Andes Mountains in Ecuador in collaboration with the University of Cuenca; 
  • Orchid conservation in the Republic of Palau with scientists at the Smithsonian Institution and other partners; and  
  • Orchid conservation in Madagascar through a joint effort with specialists from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (UK) and Kew Madagascar Conservation Centre.
The Orchid Society
The Orchid Society


We invite you to join the Central Illinois Orchid Society. Annual membership is only $15 for the first member and $25 for a couple. Click here for a printable form. Please mail your completed form and check as directed. Hope to see you soon!