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An eclectic group of novice to veteran orchid enthusiasts invite you to explore and share your love of this diverse, expansive family of flowering plants.

The Orchid Society
The Orchid Society

About Us

Central Illinois Orchid Society was founded in 1958. We are a diverse group of people interested in growing and/or enjoying orchids. We welcome anyone to attend our meetings and events, whether you have never grown an orchid or you are an experienced grower.


  • 1. Exchange orchid-related information among orchid hobbyists;
  • 2. Provide a forum for disseminating orchid-growing information through educational programs offered to our members and the public;
  • 3. Support local and global orchid conservation efforts;
  • 4. Enjoy the fellowship of others who share a fascination with orchids.
The Orchid Society
The Orchid Society
The Orchid Society

Announcements and Upcoming Events

Monday, June 12th: Guest speaker DON WHITE from Anything Orchids. 6:30 - 8:00 PM, Hessel Park Church, 700 W. Kirby, Champaign.

Don will be joining us AND he will bringing a variety of orchids for purchase!

Sunday, July 9: CIOS Member Potluck Picnic. 4:00 PM at the Miller's house.

Save the date!  More details to come.

Sunday, August 27th — ROAD TRIP!! Orchid Auction at Missouri Botanical Garden (MOBOT), St. Louis.

The auction is held from noon to 5 PM. For all who are interested, we will be carpooling to this a fun event. They have MOBOT orchids that they have divided for sale, plus they get many Orchid Nurseries to donate nice orchids to sell as a money maker for MOBOT.

The Orchid Society
The Orchid Society


We invite you to join the Central Illinois Orchid Society. Annual membership is only $30 for the first member and $50 for a couple. Click here for a printable form. Please mail your completed form and check as directed. Hope to see you soon!